Former Maple Valley Man Sentenced to Over 26 Years for Murder

jonathan-harrisJonathan Daniel Harris was sentenced to more then 26 years in prison for the murder of Nicole White. Nicole was a mother of two from Orting who was killed in June, 2015.

Jonathan Daniel Harris grew up in Maple Valley for a time and attended Tahoma Schools, then moved to Graham.

(Information below was taken from Komo News 4)

“You have destroyed lives that are still living.” Pierce County Superior Court Judge Susan Serko told Jonathan Daniel Harris as she sentenced him to 316 months.

Harris pleaded guilty in July to second-degree murder. In a plea agreement, the charged was reduced from first-degree murder. He later tried to withdraw that guilty plea, but a judge would not allow it.

“It should be an eye for an eye. I hope you’re haunted for the rest of your life.” Jill Nichols, Nicole White’s mother said at Monday’s sentencing.

Harris’ sentence did not satisfy White’s family.

“Twenty six and a half years is not enough.” Nicole White’s brother in law Andrew Bishop, said in court on Monday.

Harris told White’s family: “I’m sorry for pain that I’ve cost you. This was a bad thing that happened.”

Through tears he said, “I will do my time.”

Harris was accused of killing White, then dumping her body near Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The forensic anthropologist determined White had severe facial, chest and arm fractures, and the injuries are consistent with being stomped.

But Harris’ attorney John Henry Hill III argued Monday that she was not stomped to death and that her death was quick.

That outraged her family, and prompted efforts by court security to calm them.

Court documents say Harris killed White after they went on a date. The two were seen at the Jeepers Bar and Grill in Spanaway by witnesses.

Harris was arrested after investigators used his cell phone records and an ignition interlock device on his truck that takes a picture. Investigators used a picture the device took when Harris blew into the device to track down the location where White’s body was found two weeks after the two were last seen.