Dear Maple Valley, Thank You For Helping

Editor the VOICE:

     Thank you for helping us to have a great reunion! It was wonderful to see you again, although after 40 years, we think you have changed even more than we have! We would especially like to thank the Maple Valley Historical Society, the Maple Valley Market, Cedar Grange #534, DaVine Whiskey & Wine Bar, and the VOICE of the Valley for making it all so easy and fun for us.

We think it was especially kind of the VOICE to run our announcement, free of charge, not once but twice. It was a good reminder of the value and service a newspaper provides its readers, especially a community newspaper like the VOICE. We know it is not easy for newspapers these days. In fact, one of our members felt so appreciative, she was inspired to sign up for an annual subscription. Maybe she is grateful; maybe she is just happy some things in the Valley have not changed.

     At the end of our reunion, we wished ourselves another 40 years; we would like to wish you the same.




Tahoma Class of 1977