Maple Valley Repair Café – First time in Maple Valley!


Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017, 3 – 6 p.m.

Greater Maple Valley Community Center, 22010 SE 248th St., Maple Valley, WA 98038

The King County EcoConsumer public outreach program helps sponsor repair groups and events in King County where people can bring small household items and clothing for FREE repair. Experienced all-purpose fixers and sewing fixers will work on your item for free, and can help you learn repair as well. Based on the needs of the local community, this might be a one-time event or it may be offered again in Maple Valley.

People can bring in household items including small furniture, small appliances, personal electronics and clothing for repair. The overall fix-it success rate at these events, for repairing items or helpfully diagnosing the problem, (you may need to get a new part for example) has been 80 percent or higher, although some electronics are often difficult to fix.

Please only bring items small enough to be easily carried in by one person. Do not bring any items that are leaking, dangerous, contain gasoline, or have a strong odor. Clothing, and other textiles, that you bring in for mending should be washed first.

Although walk-ins are welcome, please sign up in advance if possible, to let the King County Program Manager, Tom Watson, know what you plan to bring so the fixers can be prepared. For specialized repairs (which many are), please bring any specific parts or materials needed for your repair. Please contact Tom Watson via email at or at 206-477-4481.

The Maple Valley Historical Society will provide refreshments and plans to set up a small museum exhibit showcasing objects from daily living from our areas past. The idea is to make a comparison with everyday things we value now and from the past and tie in the theme for repair, reuse, and longevity.