Caution Posted For Lake Wilderness Cyanobacteria Bloom

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Caution signs were posted at Lake Wilderness Park swimming beach when minor Cyanobacteria bloom scums were observed on Monday. Not all blooms produce toxins, however, samples will be taken for toxicity testing to determine whether bloom toxins are present. Cyanobacteria bloom toxins can threaten the health of people and pets if contacted or ingested. Contact with visible scum formations should always be avoided. Young children and pets are particularly at risk. Young children playing at the shoreline may contact the scum or get it in their mouths and pets may drink it or lick it off their fur. Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and eye or skin irritation. If water with visible scum is contacted or ingested, notify your doctor or veterinary immediately and follow their instructions. Contact Al Frank at 425-413-8800 x 672 or for further information. Published October 23, 2017