Blocking Flood Waters One Sandbag at a Time

Flood Control District Supervisors Reagan Dunn (l) and Dave Upthegrove (r) filling up a sandbag at the Sandbag Distribution Location in the Renton.

Sandbag Filling Locations Available Throughout King County


The first major rainstorm of the fall came through the region last weekend, causing some minor flooding in parts of King County. Today the Chair and Vice Chair of the King County Flood Control District went to a Sandbag Distribution Location in Renton to remind the public King County provides the supplies you need to make sandbags that can protect your property in the event of a major flood event.
“Sandbags are provided free of charge by the King County Flood Control District,” said Flood District Chair Reagan Dunn. “It’s part of our mission to protect the lives, property, businesses, and homes of King County residents. I would encourage those who live in flood prone areas to be aware of their nearest sandbagging location should the need arise.”

“It’s important to me that people who live and work in flood-prone areas know the resources that are available to them,” said Flood District Vice Chair Dave Upthegrove. “The free sandbags are an excellent way to guard against property damage during flood season. Go fill yours up today, at one of the many sites around King County!”

Since 2009, the King County Flood Control District, along with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has funded the sandbag program. The County partners with towns and cities to offer sandbags to their residents. Participating cities must make sandbags available to residents of unincorporated King County with the local jurisdictions and community groups overseeing the sandbag distribution and the King County Water and Land Resources Division coordinating the delivery of materials.

Sandbags are way one of being prepared for fall and winter storms, but there are other ways of staying informed about flooding:

  • Download the Flood Warning App. It is available for IPhones and Android.
  • The Flood Warning Center has useful information on sandbag distribution locations. The number is (206) 296-8200 or (800)-945-9263.
  • Visit the website for more information on sandbags and preparation in general. and follow the links to the sandbag information.