GMVUAC 2017 Survey and Election is NOW activated Online

The GMVUAC 2017 Survey and Election is NOW activated online and is available to start receiving responses from our constituents.  Public notices are being mailed to over 7,500 residential addresses (both street and post office boxes) via USPS EDDM Service commencing this week; paper ballots have been delivered to both the Hobart and Ravensdale food markets; twenty paper ballots were handed out by Hank at the Train Show — so even though the official period is Nov 20 – Dec 15, we’re underway!

We already have 2 responses to our Survey/Election — nice to see that my wife, Joyce, and I don’t agree on anything after 46 years — big surprise  😎 — as I’m certain our Survey will indicate a wide spread and varied views and input from our many neighbors in our service area.

Even though lengthy with lots of questions, based on my experience thus far the form should take from 10 – 20 minutes to complete — it’s as easy as pie — and all responses are collected and reported, including any narrative answers.  Moreover, the Survey/Election form can be easily accessed and completed on both computer systems with big screens, as well on cell phones with little screens — both are easy to read and use.

All three of our domain names are directed to the same main page:     and our main page, Announcements webpage, and the Citizen Surveys webpage all have a link to our Google Forms (c/tm) Survey and Election form for completion and submittal — via clickable buttons/identifiable links.

So — many, many thanks to Linda and Leif for all their hard work and vast patience in getting our new website up and running and getting the link to our Survey/Election activated.  Our new website is still very much a work in progress, so patience everyone — but so far it’s looking great!

Also, many, many thanks to Donna Hayes, Kathleen Kear, Traci Hipple, and the VOICE of the Valley for all they do for the GMVUAC and helping to get the word out to everyone in our area — it would not be possible to do what we do without their help and support.  Thank you!

And without the political support and consideration from our KCC Reagan Dunn and the CSA management from Alan Painter and Marissa Alegria given the GMVUAC over these past many years — the many, many important issues facing our community from both the State and local levels of government would not be addressed, financially assisted, and successfully resolved.  Thank you!

Now for our hands-on training session — I would like to know from our Members when they are available for training before the end of the year from Leif in the use and update of our website with new information, links, documents, etc etc etc — Leif has indicated that weekends are probably the best time for him — as this could likely be an all day affair.  The main Members that must attend are the Committee Chairs and our Officers.  These are the individuals who will have access to the underbelly of our website in order to post information, announcements, documents, links, etc — so they will be the one’s responsible for keeping our Committee webpages and main page current with the best information available for our constituents.  Hopefully, at least this is the intent of training, Leif will be able to have a cookbook type of approach in writing with step-by-step instructions on ‘how to’ do all that we need to know and do to maintain  our website.  Leif will still be available to make actual programming changes if and as may be needed in the future — but the intent is for us to maintain the website (stuff that Treesa normally did for us in posting documents, etc).  So, I’m very excited to get our training done and have us do the bulk of the heavy lifting to keep our new website up-to-date with the best information possible to keep our constituents educated, informed, and interested in all the GMVUAC does for our community.

Thanks all — and get out there and complete the Survey/Election form, and spread the word!

Rhys Sterling