People finding needs and filling them

*** Cut line: Black Diamond Police Sgt. Mike Girias not only protects the citizens of Black Diamond from crime, he also quietly helps those in need.

Unsung heroes going about their daily lives working, taking care of family/friends, volunteering and much more, sometimes come across circumstances where a helping hand is needed – and such is what recently happened to Black Diamond Police Sgt. Mike Girias.

While out on patrol one rainy day late in the day, Sgt. Girias came across an elderly gentleman along the roadway having a hard time. Stopping to ask whether the gentleman needed any help, he was met with a “just getting mail.” After asking where the gentleman lived and finding out it was a bit of a distance down a private, graveled driveway, Sgt. Girias, who offered to give the gentleman a ride, was told to meet the gentleman at the house.

Noticing that the gentleman had holes in his shoes, Sgt. Girias went to the store on his time off and purchased a pair for the elderly gentleman. When he went back several days later to the gentleman’s residence and presented him with the new shoes, the gentleman was thrilled. Seeing that the gentleman needed further assistance at his home, Sgt. Girias began working with groups and organizations to try and get the gentleman the assistance he needed – and he continues to seek out help today.

A second incident happened not long afterwards when Sgt. Girias was heading home one dark rainy night. Suddenly, a dog came out of seemingly nowhere that he nearly hit. Rather than calling the pound right away to pick the dog up, he put the dog in a car, brought it home and put it in his kennel. Sgt. Girias also contacted a community member he knew had pets and asked that the lost dog be posted online in hopes that the owner would see the posting and claim the dog before it had to be taken to the pound. Not long after posting the message online, the owners contacted him and were quickly reunited with their beloved pet.

The only reason Sgt. Girias’s deeds were found out was because his higher-up was trying to locate him and when located, Sgt. Girias stated he was delivering shoes to someone in need.