Apply for your passport now for quicker service

The U.S. Department of State wants you to know that November and December are the best months to apply for or renew your passport. During these months, processing times are lower. Only 4-6 weeks for routine service and 2-3 weeks for expedite service.

In FY 2017 the U.S. Department of State issued a record breaking 21.4 million passports, and they anticipate those numbers will rise in FY 2018. If you wait to apply for your passport until the peak summer months, it will take longer to get your passport.

Most travelers don’t know that you can get turned away at the airport even if you have a valid passport. This is because some countries re-quire up to 6 months of validity on your passport to enter. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Passport Services, Brenda Sprague, says that every day they assist stressed out travelers at their passport agencies who were denied boarding their international flight due to a passport that did not have enough validity.

To avoid that stress, it is important you research your destination be-fore you go. You can learn about your next destination’s entry and exit requirements and safety and security information by going to The entry requirements booklet is no longer being produced or distributed.

Although applying early for your passport is your best bet, there are 27 passport agencies where travelers can apply for rush passports if they are traveling within two weeks. Expedite service costs an additional $60. Appointments can be made online at or by phone at 877-487-2778 or TDD/TDY at 888-874-7793.

For information on applying for a U.S. passport, forms, fees, and processing times, please visit Travel.State.Gov.



We are expecting an increase in passport applications through 2018.