Teachers Say Vote Yes on Tahoma Levy

Editor, the VOICE:

It is, for sure, not a secret that we are employed with the Tahoma School District, a truth of which we are exceptionally proud. This letter is not being written with that in mind at all… rather we write today as members of the community of Maple Valley and as parents of three children who have attended or are attending our community’s exceptional schools.

Like so many of you, we purchased our home here because we sought out a community where we wanted to raise a family. In the 25 years since we made this our home, it has become clear it was one of the best choices we have made in our lives. This community is a special one for sure.  Like all of you, we enjoy the kindness exhibited and the community feel when we are shopping or dining out in town. We have accessed the services of our community center, have checked out books at our beautiful library, called on the best fire and police personnel when emergencies have come up and it always confirms for us how fortunate we are to call Maple Valley home. Of course, none of those things are free and neither are our schools.

It is our strong belief that both the foundation and the future of this great community lies in the students who are served by the Tahoma School District; a district that rates in the top ten of nearly 300 statewide. This happens through the dedicated and committed service of the district’s staff that we see each week at work for our own children. We fully acknowledge the tremendous impact our schools have on our children each and every day. They have each had significant role models and exceptional care from bus drivers, members of the front office, kitchen staff, custodians, coaches and teachers. None of it is free, and much of it depends on our collective and continued support. At this time that support comes with a yes vote in the upcoming levies. We are deeply convinced that together we will vote yes in record numbers. We all know this will be the case because we know the reason we all choose to call this place home. We all know the foundation of any community is its schools and the young people that are learning in them.

Thanks for joining us in a yes vote,

Jerry & Shelly Gaston

Maple Valley Community Members