Dussert Thanks Those Who Helped

Editor, the VOICE:

I would like to express profound gratitude to the following friends in our wonderful community for their support, comfort and concern: 

Keith and Judy Watson for encouragement and friendship and for introducing me to Veterans Advocate Lois Mezek.  When my dear husband passed away, Lois drove me to the Social Security Office, to Seattle to get death certificates and made all the arrangements at Tahoma National Cemetery;

Nonie Colby of Black Diamond Columbia Bank for all her help;

Becky Olness for the delicious meals she has delivered to me for months;

Dorothy and Howard Botts for compassion and support;

Nancy Caldron of the Maple Valley Presbyterian Church Grief and Support group who has offered me help, encouragement and healing.

Again, thank you to all these wonderful people for giving me so much during a very difficult time.

Catherine Dussert

Black Diamond