Ths Team Scores High In March Math Madness

Left to right are: Leon Hong, Emily Clark, James Goetz, Laena Tieng, Noah Miller, Murou Wang, Mallika Sansgiri.)

(Article written by Hitesh Boinpally, VP MAO )

The Tahoma High School Math Team earned top honors at the Washington State Mu Alpha Theta (MATH) competition at Thomas Jefferson High School on March 24 with 300 participants.  Murou Wang, Leon Hong, James Goetz, MallikaSansgiri, Laena Tieng, Noah Miller, and Emily Clark competed with the 17 of the top schools in the state. The team was recognized for placing in 8 areas of competition and taking home a well-deserved plaque for 7th place in overall sweepstakes as a school!

Top honors go to the up and coming Murou Wang, an eighth grader competing at a high school level, who has logged in a lot of personal practice, which helped her place 6th in Ciphering, 6th in Individual, 6th in Geometry and 8th on the Relay team.  Others on the relay team were sophomores Sansgiri and Hong.

Math Team President Laena Tieng, a junior, trophied by placing 5th in Speed Math and 5th place in Matrices and Vectors.

Sophomores Hong and Goetz also both placed in the top 10! Hong (9th in Trigonometry and Polar Coordinates) and Goetz (6th in Speed Math) added a lot of points to the board, helping push Tahoma to getting to 7th place in the Sweepstakes as a team.

This year’s team has found that working hard in academics pays off in the long run!  Their diligence and focus resulted in top honors.  The THS math team participants  contained both old and new faces, helping further solidify Tahoma Math Team’s continued success and well-earned results!