Reserve Silica Cleanup Program

On Monday, April 2, the Area Council held its monthly meeting. Our guest speakers were from the WA Department of Ecology (DOE) and the Maple Valley Farmers’ Market.

Reserve Silica

Madeline Wall, Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) Clean up Project Manager, WA Department of Ecology, for the Reserve Silica site in Ravensdale, along with Amy White, the community outreach specialist assigned to the site, provided an update to its development of an Agreed Order (under WAC 173-340-530) with potentially liable parties to pay for remedial cleanup actions.

Cleanup of the site is being conducted in accordance with the State Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA), which was established as law in 1989, regarding cleanup of industrial contaminated sites. This multistep process includes: 1. Evaluate the site and its history; 2. Identify the sources of any contamination found and if they contaminated the ground or groundwater; 3. If contaminants are found, conduct a feasibility study to determine options to clean up the site; 4. Establish an action plan; 5. Conduct post-cleanup such as any property covenants needed, pits needing to be filled, etc.; and 6. Complete cleanup, closeout the work, and finally delist the site.

At this time Holcim, one of the potentially liable parties associated with the deposit of Cement Kiln Dust on site, has designed a leachate treatment system that will start up soon. DOE is monitoring that work.

DOE also explained the community outreach/public participation activities typically involved in MTCA cleanup sites, and solicited input on the best ways to communicate information to GMVUAC and other community members. When the Agreed Order is ready, there will be a 30-day Public comment period.

The Area Council maintains up-to-date repository of information on cleanup of the Reserve Silica Site on its web site at its Reserve Silica web page:

Maple Valley Farmers’ Market

Larry Baumgart, President of the Maple Valley Farmers’ Market, discussed why and how the Area Council and the Market can support one another.

Mr. Baumgart gave some background on the Farmers’ Market. Several businesses are involved, as well as local organizations such as the Maple Valley Community Center. They are looking for more third-party organizations to be involved in the Farmers’ Market, which can accommodate up to 115 vendors, but currently has 71.

Mr. Baumgart is working with the schools as well to find interested volunteers. Twelve students did their community service hours last summer for the Farmers’ Market. Larry intends to extend that program further this year.

It is difficult to sometimes find volunteers to serve on the Board of the Farmers’ Market. Mr. Baumgart is working to involve more stakeholders as part of the Board to make the Farmers’ Market more sustainable in the long run. Larry is looking at several ways to ensure sustainability. The Area Council is part of the Board and has a Focal Point, Luke Hansen, who regularly attends its meetings.

The Farmers’ Market starts on June 16 this year and goes sixteen consecutive Saturdays through September 29. It continues to be located at the Rock Creek Elementary School. The venue is open to everybody.

The Farmers’ Market web site is:

Transportation Corridor Studies

The Area Council’s Transportation Committee has been studying the 196th AVE SE corridor from SR-169 to SE 240th St. This is a long, curvy, hilly road with several blind spots and hidden driveways. In recent years traffic volumes have increased, primarily due to commuters bypassing part of SR-169. This has made an already unsafe road much worse.

The Transportation Committee discussed a Situation-Target-Proposal (STP) it developed to frame the issues and offer potential solutions. The Area Council discussed the STP and approved a final version, which will be sent to the King County Department of Transportation (KCDOT).

The STP can be found on the Area Council’s web site on the Transportation Committee web page:

Upcoming Events
Annual KC CSA Town Hall Open House — Tuesday, May 15, from 7 – 9:00 PM, at the Hobart Church at 27524 SE 200th St, Hobart. This is an opportunity for citizens to speak directly with KC Council- man Reagan Dunn; the KC Sheriff, and other KC Department Directors to discuss issues affecting the Rural Area.

Area Council Monthly Meeting — Monday, June 4, from 7 – 9:30 PM, at the Fire Station located at the SE corner of SE 231st St & SR-169 intersection across from the Police Precinct. All members of the Public are welcome. Each meeting begins with an open Public Comment period.

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