Black Diamond artists finish mural on Lift Station

Having finished their masterpiece on the King County Sewer Lift Station after several weeks of work beginning in August, Black Diamond residents/artists Patricia Moss (standing) and Mira Hoke (kneeling) were excited to see the beautiful art piece ready for all to enjoy.

Black Diamond citizens are one again the recipients of a beautiful piece of recently finished artwork, gracing the King County Sewer Lift Station that sits by the Black Diamond Cemetery, off Morgan St. and Roberts Drive.

The once large monolith looking building, colored a stark concrete grey, is now a tower of beauty thanks to the efforts of Black Diamond Arts Alliance (BDAA) member, Mira Hoke and President, Patricia Moss. It was their hope that the work would provide a sense of serenity and peace for those who visit the cemetery.

“The mission of BDAA is to inspire, nurture and support local arts and artists,” wrote Moss. “We strive to create awareness of the arts through education and collaboration. Black Diamond Arts Alliance works to foster and mentor the growth of artists in Black Diamond and surrounding communities.”

The Lift Station is painted on all four sides with murals that were projected from adapted photos from around the area. They run from sunrise to sunset blending into the surrounding environment. The structure was primed by the City before exterior latex paints were applied, coloring in and blending the work into a beautiful masterpiece.

As President of BDAA, Moss, who is also an artist, believes that art has the power to influence emotion, create unity and expand perspectives. Creative souls from the community, no matter the media, are welcomed to join other BDAA artists for their monthly meeting beginning at 7 p.m., the third Tuesday of each month at the Black Diamond Bakery.

Meanwhile, much thanks were given to the following donors as well as to those who continue to contribute: Ben Gingrich, Rosemary and Albert Bigelow, Howard and Dorothy Botts, HRMPLUS, LLC and Sherri Evans, Vicky A. Harp, Taff Roofing, Carol Benson, Gomer Evans, Enumclaw Quarry, Inc, Bina Designs, LLC, Roberta E. Falk, Kathy Shay, James Lansciardi, PCC and Bill Kombol, Home Care Construction and Steve Isreal, Leslie Cooley, and Vicki Turcott.