Vote NO on Prop 1

Editor, the VOICE:

I was driving through town yesterday and saw several red and white signs advising us to vote “yes” on Prop 1. Knowing that we voted it down last November and last August, I was curious what the Fire Department was up to. It turns out they’re up to their old shenanigans. Their latest scam is on page 91 of the voter’s guide, but before discussing it, let me remind you of two things:

First, the average property value in Maple Valley, according to Zillow, increased by 7.4% last year and is forecast to increase by 4.1% next year. This, of course, means your property tax will increase accordingly.

Secondly, this scheme by the Fire Department annihilates Initiative-747, which was approved by voters in 2002 and imposed a 1 percent limit on increases in property tax levies. With a windfall increase in property taxes imminent, one would think the Fire District would be content, but they are not. They want even more.

Now let’s look at Prop 1. The Fire District is proposing to change the 1% to 6% annually for the next 5 years! This scheme annihilates Initiative I-747, and the protection it affords you, the taxpayer. I-747 is in place to avoid greedy government entities from raiding your wallet and building bureaucratic empires. This is the 3rd time in a year they’ve come after us for big bucks. Not only should you vote NO again on Prop 1, but we should probably start thinking about some new, fiscally responsible, commissioners!

Harvey Hawken