Dryer Fire in East Hill of Kent

January 29th, 2018- No one was hurt when a fire started in a dryer located in the garage at the 25100 block of 112 Ave SE. Residents first noticed smoke coming from the dryer and called 911.

Puget Sound Units were dispatched at 19:01 and arrived to find heavy smoke and flames coming from the clothes dryer. Attack lines were pulled from the engine and as water was being sprayed on the dryer from just outside the garage door heat caused the garage door to drop.

Fire fighters quickly made entrance in through the front door and both crews inside and outside the garage manually lifted the door and extinguished the fire.

Damage to the home was to the garage door, front door and minor smoke throughout the home.

Puget Sound Units were able to handle this call without help from another jurisdiction and the Fire Investigator ruled out the dryer motor as the cause.

Safety Tip: Puget Sound Fire would like to remind you to be sure to always keep your lint trap clean and check your vent pipe occasionally going outside so you have a free flow of air. Your clothes will also dry quicker reducing your electrical bill.