Police News Updated 3-20-18

Maple Valley


Mayor Sean Kelly presided over the Monday, March 12, City Council meeting with one Councilmember (Sheridan) arriving late.

Ordinance No. O-18-639, amending Title 18 of the Maple Valley Municipal Code entitled “Development Regulations.” Passed 7-0


Resolution No R-18-1223, authorizing the City Manager to execute a Public Works Construction Contract with Kassel & Associates Inc. for construction services for the Lake Wilderness Park Beach House Replacement Project P-6d. Passed 5-2 (Burberry, Olson voting no)


Resolution No. R-18-1222, authorizing the City Manager to execute Amendment No. 3 extending the duration and increasing the Contract amount of the Professional Services Agreement Innova Architects, Inc. DBA Orb Architects. Passed 6-0


Resolution No. R-18-1221, ratifying the 2017 update to the Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish Watershed or Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 8 Chinook Salmon Conservation Plan. Passed 6-0


Resolution No. R-18-1220, authorizing the City Manager to execute the Lease Agreement replacing the existing printers and copiers within the City. Passed 6-0

Metropolitan King County Council


Monday, March 12 – A renewal of the regional automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) was sent in for the August ballot.


Council voted unanimously for approval of legislation establishing a committee as a coordinating body for emergency management issues to allow for the continued operation of King County government during disasters and other emergencies.


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