Sign the Banner event held at Maple Valley Fred Meyer

Black Diamond and Maple Valley’s finest Police Departments were on hand to help support the Sign the Banner event held at Maple Valley Fred Meyer on Thursday, July 26. Alley 4, made up of greater Maple Valley residents who started Hunter’s Helping Hands, quickly acted on yet another idea of what they could do to help the community during a time of crisis. The loosely formed group of friends, Alley 4, wanted to do something to help the family of Kent Police Officer Diego Moreno killed during a pursuit of a 16-year old male while in Kent on Sunday, July 22. Not only were signatures/messages gathered on a 37-foot long paper banner for the family from the Maple Valley/Black Diamond community at large, but so also were signatures gathered on a special flag from over 20 law enforcement officers/deputies from Maple Valley, Black Diamond, King County Sheriff’s Office, Kent and Issaquah.

Those at the event wishing to help through donations could do so not only in cash, but donate through purchased supplies of water, soft drinks, juices, and much more, which were stacked in the Hunter’s Helping Hands Community Trailer. The donations will be given to Officer Moreno’s memorial service on Tuesday, July 31. Alley 4’s first outreach came two years ago during a time when police officers all over the country were targeted by those wishing them harm. During that time and to raise awareness in the Maple Valley area, Alley 4 purchased a number of blue painter’s masking tape rolls for their Blue Stripe Campaign and adhered a strip of the tape across the back windows of vehicles whose owners wished to send a message of solidarity to and for law enforcement. The trailer, which was donated approximately 8 months ago, was gifted to Alley 4 during their effort to raise funds and supplies for Hunter’s family before his all too young passing away from cancer. At that time, $13,000 was raised and split between the family and Behind the Badge. Major donors/sponsors of the Hunter’s Helping Hands Community Trailer have been Excel Real Estate, Sharkbite Motorsports, and Trailers Northwest.

Fast forward to the July 26th Sign the Banner event, for their 3-hour community outreach effort, Alley 4 raised $2,000 in cash along with the Trailer filled with 100 cases of food as well as cases of water, juices and soft drinks that will be donated Officer Moreno’s memorial service on Tuesday, July 31.