Seniors Invited To Healthy Fun With Volleyball

Ellen and Don Kropp are definitely not senior retirees.

Seniors who live in Auburn and its surrounding communities are invited to participate in open court recreational volleyball at Auburn Community Center. The sport resumes its Tuesday-and-Thursdayfall schedule on Tuesday, Sept. 11, from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. Men and women, ages 50 and older, both experienced and newcomers, are welcome to play. Senior volleyball is scheduled until June 2019, with some changes for holidays. Open gym drop-in fee is $3.00.

Senior recreational volleyball emphasizes traditional “pass-set-hit” routine that encourages each team to use three-touches before a pass over their side of the net. Volleyball teams are independently formed as players arrive at court; players do not arrive and stay as a team. An equal or proportional skill level is accomplished by line rotations as games progress. About four games, with 12 on a court, take place per hour.

The sport enhances eye-hand coordination and physical, and mental well-being. With senior players there are always options to improve skills, mental outlook, and connection with fellow players. Seniors must adjust and adapt however. They obviously don’t jump, use speed, and are not as agile or as quick in decision-making as in the past. With players now in their second decade of senior volleyball, continuing the activity has had noticeable physical and mental health benefits.

Players with a willingness to learn and a desire for good healthy fun are assured a good start to each Tuesday and Thursday morning in a season that lasts through mid-June. Seniors are encouraged to join like-minded team players at Auburn Community Center, 910 9th St SE, or call 253-931-3043.