Tiny’s Send-Off Filled With Love As Project Completes Its Goal

A placard installed on Tiny House states its mission, with a message from the community and businesses.
Lorie Graff chose a Northwest theme for Tiny House curtains she made. They featured colors of blue, boats, and nature.

Tiny House is complete. Hope for homelessness in the Pacific Northwest continues. The construction process took two and a half months of Wednesday evenings. It exceeded expectation in professional leadership with a strong work crew and support staff. Donations totaling $3277 provided materials. And finally … curtains. The house is finished. The local Tiny House that was built with guidance from Low Income Housing Institute is on its way to Seattle. There it will join a small community of 8’x12’ sleeping-and-storage units for homeless people.

D’Ann Tedford fills Tiny House with a special offering that traveled with Tiny House to Seattle: VBS children’s artwork on wall plaques, toiletries, quilts, carpet, rug, towels and more.

Communal areas for food preparation, in addition to restroom and cleanliness facilities, are provided within the tiny home compounds. A locking door provides privacy and adds security for storage. Electricity is not an option, however. Purpose of a tiny home is twofold: to provide temporary safety and indoor living space for transitional occupants who may be living in cars and on the streets, and to protect safe living conditions for traditional community residents, visitors, and neighborhoods.

A placard installed on Tiny House states its mission, with a message from the community and businesses.

At Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, where the little building was constructed, congregants gave additional offerings of hope for the homeless the past two Sundays during worship service. They sent the tiny space on its way Friday with many gifts of love and blessings of good will for potential occupants. Amenities included doormat, floor rug, homemade quilts, bath towels, toiletries, men’s healthcare products and travel kits. In addition, children attending Vacation Bible School sent their love and concern by painting six canvas wall art pieces with the church slogan: God’s Work. Our Hands. Together.