Police looking for additional victims

The King County Sheriff’s Office is looking for additional victims of sexual assaults by 25 year old Tedgy Wright who is currently in custody at King County Jail. Wright has been meeting women on social media and dating websites. Three cases have been filed against Wright, one out of Auburn that occurred near 1800 BLK M ST NE, two from Skyway that occurred near the 5700 BLK S 129 ST. Wright has been armed with a weapon in all incidents.

Wright has the following charges filed by the King County Prosecutors Office. Rape 1st,  Rape 2nd, Robbery 1st, 2 counts of Assault 2nd, theft 2nd,  and 3 counts of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Police are urging additional victims to come forward to the Police to report any type of similar incidents.