Got Plans?

“Two years before his death, Mike Hanzas, who lived alone, began to make preparations for his demise. He bought a lot in the cemetery. Weekly, he visited the site where his mortal remains would be interred. He planted grass there and mowed it regularly. On Memorial Day, he placed flowers on the grave site, for he said, “I want to see flowers there now. I won’t be able to see them when I’m gone!”

A while later Mike went into a funeral home. “I want to buy the casket which will be my new home,” he said. Whenever he passed the funeral home he would go in. Standing beside the casket he would say, “That’s where I’m going to live someday!”

One day Mike invited a nephew and the rest of his family to come to see him. After a hearty meal, Mike began to dispense some canned goods and personal effects among his visitors. Then he handed his nephew his will. As he did this, he dropped dead of heart failure!

So far as we know, Mike Hanzas had made every provision for his body but none for his soul.”

It’s funny that we are good planners for everything else, but when it comes to thinking about eternity, we don’t plan at all, or we make plans that are not very reassuring.  Most people just don’t want to think about it, especially those who are under the age of fifty.  The unfortunate reality is that most people research the future purchase of their next automobile or electronic gadget with more scrutiny and intensity than any thought concerning their own eternal soul.

A word of wisdom: finding the nicest casket and burial plot does nothing for the soul. It may give peace to your family in not having to deal with those physical details, but it will do nothing for you.

If you take this article seriously and begin to research how you can be sure of heaven, remember this, there are really only two choices: One choice is based on what God did to provide eternal life, Jesus Christ who paid for our sins, and all others fall into the category of man trying to work his own way, which the Bible says all falls short of His glory – Romans 3:23.

God’s Word says this “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” – Acts 4:12. I challenge you to open the Bible, look at it thoroughly, scrutinize it, compare it with all other religious writings and you will find that it stands alone as the Word of God. In it you will find peace for your soul.

So then, if you’re making plans for the future, don’t miss the most important one, where you will be spending eternity. Don’t you think that of all the plans you make in life, this is the most important?

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