Car Loses Control and Hits Townhouse

On November 4, 2018, no one was hurt today after a small sedan lost control and struck the side of a two-story townhouse in the 12400 block of SE 272 Place. The incident took place at 2:00 pm.

One person was in the car and two in the home.

The car, traveling north on 124 Ave. SE, left the road approximately 150 feet south of the building, going through a culvert, hitting two curbs, and tearing up shrubbery before flipping over and hitting the building.

At least one of the two people in the home was in the room where the impact took place but was able to escape injury.

Police are investigating what caused the car to leave the road.

A Kent building official has red-tagged the building. Belfor Restoration is on scene to shore up the damaged wall and make the building safe.