“Ye Olde Lump of Coal” Available at Palmer’s Coking Coal

Vine Maple Place is a local non-profit organization bringing hope, help, and housing to homeless children and their families.  Each year, Palmer Coking Coal Company has provided gift-wrapped “lumps of coal” to raise funds for Vine Maple Place and warm the hearts of those less fortunate.

In traditional English folklore, a lump of coal was left in stockings for those who’d been naughty the previous year.  In Italy, children were visited by an elderly woman named La Befana (derived from ‘epiphany’) who flew on her cleaning broom leaving treats for good children, but lumps of coal for the wicked.  In Denmark, a child’s shoe was left out on Christmas night with virtuous children receiving chocolate and naughty ones getting coal.  Modern stories have developed including a Christmas book by Lemony Snicket where a lump of coal searches for a miracle and finds artistic wonder at a Korean restaurant.  The lump of coal has also debuted in the video game World of Warcraft as a non-combat pet.

If someone on your Christmas list has been naughty and deserves of a lump of coal in their stocking, please stop by Palmer Coking Coal located at 31407 Highway 169 in Black Diamond and pick up your “free” gift-wrapped piece of coal.  “Free” in hopes you’ll donate to Vine Maple Place – a charity changing lives.  For directions call 425-432-4700 or visit: www.palmercc.com