Black Diamond City News

Black Diamond   

Mayor Carol Benson presided over the Thursday, December 6, 2018, City Council meeting with all Councilmembers present

AB18-107– Resolution No. 18-1283 Adopting Collective Bargaining Agreement with Teamsters 117 Professional Unit (Passed 5-0)

AB18108– Resolution No. 18-1284 Adopting Collective Bargaining Agreement with Teamsters 117 Public Works/Admin Support Unit (Passed 5-0)

AB18-109– Ordinance No. 18-1110 Adopting Complete Streets Policy(Passed 5-0)

AB18-110– Resolution No. 18-1285 Adopting Stormwater Program Plan (Passed 5-0)

AB18-111– Resolution No. 18-1286 Accepting TIB Grant for Roberts Drive Project (Passed 5-0)

AB18-112– Ordinance No. 18-1111 Regarding Business License Regulations (Passed 5-0)

AB18-113– Ordinance No. 18-1112 Amending 2018 Operating Budget (Passed 5-0)

AB18-114– Ordinance No. 18-1113 Regarding Stormwater Rate Increase (Passed 5-0)

AB18-115– Ordinance No. 18-1114 Adopting 2019 Operating Budget (Passed 5-0 with changes to first WHEREAS)

AB18-116– Resolution No. 18-1287 Regarding Uncollectable Utility Bill Accounts (Passed 5-0)