Holiday Tree Safety Demonstration

According to the National Fire Protection Association, over 200 home fires are caused by holiday trees each year. These fires result in an average of six deaths, 22 injuries, and over $18 million in damages annually.

The Puget Sound Skills Center will be hosting two demonstrations later this week which the media is invited to showing just how quickly a tree can ignite and burn. In each case, a specially built box will hold the tree and normal home furnishing while a small fire is started near the tree.

Date: December 14, 2018 (Friday)

Times: 8:30 am and 11:30 am

Location: Puget Sound Skills Center

18010 8 Ave. S., Burien, WA 98148

Please contact Captain Ohashi at 253-569-8809  for details. Students and staff will be available for interviews before and after the demonstrations.

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To reduce the chances of a tree fire:

  • Buy a fresh cut tree
  • Saw off the bottom inch of the trunk to create a fresh surface to absorb water
  • Keep the tree well-watered and check the water level daily
  • Remove the tree from the home if large amounts of needles begin falling off
  • Never use candles on or near a tree
  • Keep trees away from heat sources such as fireplaces and baseboard heaters
  • Use the correct type of holiday lights on the tree
  • Consider buying an artificial tree, which are more fire resistant


Fire fact: Almost 40% of residential tree fires take place in January.