Maple Valley Fires

Maple Valley, Wash – January 7, 2019 – Firefighters from the Puget Sound RFA responded to two incidents involving fires in the Maple Valley area.

The first took place at 1:10 pm, in the 21600 block of SE 271 Pl., after a truck backed into an above-ground electrical box. This caused a surge of energy to be sent to three nearby houses. The spike overheated the connections to the houses causing them to catch fire.

Firefighters used dry chemical extinguishers on the flames.

Puget Sound Energy was brought in to disconnect the electrical box and conduct repairs. All of the damage to the homes was on their exterior.

There were no reported injuries.

Shortly after this incident, firefighters were dispatched to a possible roof fire a half mile away, near 4-Corners.

When they arrived, the firefighters saw smoke coming from the roof of a restaurant which was part of a strip mall in the 23800 block of SE Kent Kangley Rd.

The problem was caused by a fire in the restaurant’s oven. The fire did not spread to any other portion of the building, though the entire strip mall was evacuated as a precaution early on.