8th Grade Parent Info Nights: College and Career Exploration

The second of three opportunities for parents of eighth-grade students to hear about career and college exploration opportunities will happen Jan. 16 from 6-7 p.m. at the district office.

Parents of eighth-grade students received a reminder email about a new online application called “Career Planner” that all eighth-grade students have been using in their STRETCH classes . The program offers exciting new ways to explore post-high school options for further education and careers, said Dawn Wakeley, executive director of Teaching and Learning.

Students begin by answering 60 questions, using a series of images and brief descriptions that students choose from in order to establish what their future interests might be. That information remains as part of their Career Planner data throughout their high school career. Students can adjust their preferences at any time to reflect their current reality.

Using data from their career assessment, students can begin to explore potential careers, details of the kind of work being performed, and what training and education are required. They can also look at future earnings for their career interests, along with job opportunities in cities around Washington state, and cost of living in those areas.

“It is a complete set of information about any job you’re interested in,” Wakeley said.

Parents can log into Career Planner to see for themselves how the program works. Staff members have set up a “sandbox” trial area of the application for parents that can be accessed using the username and password sent in the email, which came from “Tahoma Updates.”

The third of three opportunities for eighth-grade parents will be on Tuesday, March 5, from 7-8 p.m. at Tahoma High School.