Update to murder-suicide in Sammamish

Update:  KCSO Major Crimes unit has determined, based on their investigation, that 34 year old Matthew Ficken, as identified by the ME’s Office, killed his 68 year old mother and 72 year old father. 

Detectives believe Matthew shot and killed his parents Thursday evening 1/10/19 or Friday morning 1/11/19 prior to their bodies being discovered this past Tuesday 1/15/19.  Detectives believe Matthew killed himself as deputies were attempting to enter the house during their welfare check.  Matthew appears to have lived in the house for several days after killing his parents and before killing himself.     

Detectives believe a possible motive for the murders occurred when Matthew was told his mother was moving out of state and he would have to find his own place. His mother gave Matthew more than enough money to pay for his first and last month deposit on an apartment and additional expenses. 

The investigation to date tends to show Matthew killed his parents because he didn’t want his Mom to move out of state and sell the family house out from under him.   


Murder suicide in Sammamish

On 01/15/2019 around 1:30 PM, concerned family members from Oregon and WA called the King County Sheriff’s Office requesting a welfare check on three family members who they had not heard from for several days, which was very uncharacteristic of them.  When Police arrived at the 23900 BLK 42 PL S they made entry into the home. Once inside the house they located the Mother a 68 year old female, Father 72 year old male and Son 34 year old male, all deceased from gunshot wounds. 

Major crimes Detectives are investigating this as a DV (domestic violence) murder suicide case.  The motive for the shooting along with other details are still under investigation. 

The ME’s office will release the names of the deceased.   

Submitted by Ryan Abbot, King County Sheriff’s Office Media Relations