THS ‘We the People’ Win State Championship for the 10th Consecutive Year

Tahoma's We The People team on the steps of the state capitol building. Back row left to right: Jeremiah Briere, Aidan Callen, Jacob Burianek, Joshua Hren, Joseph Ribera, Adam Wengreen, Hitesh Boinpally Third Row left to right: Gretchen Wulfing, Elizabeth Diaz, Mahek Buddhdeo, Victoria Chung, Gabriel Kilwein, Sierra Muehlbauer, Eric Rogers, Melinda Day, Second Row left to right: Bryana Rogers, Anika Wilson, Laena Tieng, Leah Billings, Makenna Kilgallon, Drew Fleming, Jacquelyn Gaither, Estelle Neathery, Madeline Nielsen, Emily DeBolt, Madeleine Magana, Laura Pierson, Christina Ring, Emma Percival

On Saturday, January 12, Tahoma High School ‘We The People’ class of 2019 beat 4 other schools at the Olympia Capitol Building for the state competition, upholding a ten year legacy. They are once again advancing to Nationals in Washington DC in April.

Congratulatory posts made the rounds on social media following the win.



Tahoma has won the Washington State Championship 11 out of the past 12 years. 

At We the People Nationals, Tahoma has made it into the elite Top Ten finals five of the last seven years.  In the Top Ten round, Tahoma competes on Capitol Hill in storied hearing rooms such as the Ways and Means Committee.

The Tahoma High School ‘We The People’ team has won the Washington State title 23 of the past 25 years.

“These students have been working since June 2018; their awesome work ethic has been inspiring and their performance was exceptional,” says instructor Gretchen Wulfing, who has been teaching the ‘We The People’ team at Tahoma High School for 12 years.

Tahoma’s Washington State We the People Champions are:

1. Leah Billings

2. Hitesh Boinpally

3. Jeremiah Briere

4. Mahek Buddhdeo

5. Jacob Burianek

6. Aidan Callen

7. Victoria Chung

8. Melinda Day

9. Emily DeBolt

10. Elizabeth Diaz

11. Drew Fleming

12. Jacquelyn Gaither

13. Joshua Hren

14. Makenna Kilgallon

15. Gabriel Kilwein

16. Madeleine Magana

17. Sierra Muehlbauer

18. Estelle Neathery

19. Madeline Nielsen

20. Emma Percival

21. Laura Pierson

22. Joseph Ribera

23. Christina Ring

24. Briana Rogers

25. Eric Rogers

26. Laena Tieng

27. Adam Wengreen

28. Anika Wilson

The We the People curriculum is an innovative course of instruction on the history and principles of the United States constitutional democratic republic. In simulated Senate hearings, civics curriculum comes to life. Students are challenged with questions, and in answering them, they must apply the Constitution, Bill of Rights and current events. Schools have the option of participating in district, state, and national competitions to test their knowledge of the Constitution.

Find out more about this year’s ‘We The People’ team on their Facebook page.

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