Dunn Delivers Van Into “Working Retirement” In Maple Valley  Program That Provides Job Skills Training To Receive Surplus Vehicle

King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn visited Tahoma High School on Tuesday to donate a van to the SAILS (Successful Academic and Independent Living Skills) Program.

“We’ve got these vans that are paid for by taxpayer money and at a certain point it becomes more expensive to maintain them than to replace them,” Dunn said, noting that the county donates vans to organizations that have a need and appreciate them.

Heidi Melcher, who teaches in the SAILS program, thanked Dunn for the donaton.

The vanpool program consists of donating Metro vans which have reached the end of their county service life to local governments and community programs to provide transportation assistance for low-income, elderly or young people or people with disabilities.

The vanpool program provides mobility for a diverse array of King County residents, supports the positive work of various local organizations, and relieves traffic congestion by reducing the need for single-occupancy vehicles.

Interested organizations can contact Councilmember Dunn at 206-477-1009 or reagan.dunn@kingcounty.gov for more information on applying for a vehicle.