Tahoma Cheer Brings Home State Title, Heading to Nationals

The 2018-19 Varsity Cheer team at Tahoma High School, who took home a state title in the Game Day Division this weekend.

Tahoma High Schools Cheer competed in Battleground, WA on February 4 at WIAA Cheer State championship with 32 athletes. They competed in two categories: 4A Super Large Gameday and 4A Super Large Traditional.

Senior Gracie Johnson is proud of what they’ve all accomplished together.

“This season has definitely been my favorite season on the high school team by far. From our first practice our team just clicked; we all get along so good and we are all very passionate and dedicated to the sport. We have had a lot of success so far this competition season. Our game day and our traditional team both qualified for Nationals in Orlando, Florida at our very first competition of the season, and we qualified for State in Battleground, Washington at our first state qualifier competition. We also placed first in all of our competitions this season except for one.”

It is more than athletics that contributed to the team’s success, however. Their stellar academic performance at school allowed everyone on the team to participate and cheer at every single Bears football game this season.

“Our team has not only demonstrated athletic success but also academic success. Our varsity cheer team went through all of football season (end of August-end of October) without anyone having to sit out of a football game due to grades. Our team set goals at the beginning of this season at camp and it was one of our biggest goals to become State Champions, and we did it!” said Gracie.

The Bears brought home a state title in the Gameday division and second place in Traditional. This is the first state title since 2007 in Cheer.

Gracie also thanks the team’s coaches, Chuck and Charmaine Chartrey, and Brian Babcock.

“We are also very thankful for our coaching staff, Chuck, Charmaine, and Brian. They have put so much time and effort into our team this season and we could never thank them enough!”

I am so blessed to be on a team where every person works so hard everyday, and I wouldn’t want to become State Champions with anybody else.”

The Bears are getting ready to head to Nationals in Florida this week, competing against 50+ teams in each category.