Snow, Snow, and Snow Was What Everyone Had On Their Minds Last Week

Stocking up on food for the big storms that hit and are going to hit our area. Grocery shelves emptied out in hours but were restocked the following day. Cars were all over the roads as the snow and ice were too much for many people.

Everyone was urged to stay home, if they did not have to go out and thank goodness, most people did just that. Schools were canceled or started late and let out early. Last Friday was when the second round of snow hit and it and caught a lot of commuters off guard, as they were expecting to make it home before the snow started falling, but that was not the case.

The sky opened up about 3 hours earlier then expected and the snow just kept coming with about 2 inches in an hour in some places. Schools had early release, thinking they would beat the snow, but school buses were unable to get kids to their bus stops and many parents had to go to the schools to pick up their children, waiting in lines outside in the snow for over an hour in some cases. Luckily though all the kids were picked up and the schools handled everything ad good as they could. Snow photos can b found at the VOICE of the valley’s facebook at https://www.

Also, you can send in your snow photos to with where they were taken and who is in them and we can put them online for all to see. Another snow photo on page 5.

This photo is of Jones Lake in Black Diamond taken by Tamie Deady of Black Diamond