Trespassing at the Lake Wilderness Golf Course?

Editor, the VOICE:

Every time Maple Valley receives a significant snowfall, people seem to think that the 18th hole of the City

owned, but privately managed, golf course is an ideal place to sled. Although the terrain is perfect, it is not an appropriate place for sledding. I believe what’s being done is referred to as trespassing.
The grounds crew/maintenance staff of the golf course spends countless hours trying to maintain playing conditions that will entice more golfers to visit the course and support the City’s investment.
It takes weeks, if not months, for the damage done to the 18th green and the approach to go away.
I am amazed at the blatant disregard people continue to show for private property. I understand that the golf course is owned by the City, but it is an investment that the City chose to make in order to protect open space. It’s current use is as a golf course. With proper management and use by only golf course patrons (paying customers), I believe the golf course can be a self-sustaining asset for the City.
Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.

Jim Kurtzman