How will Tahoma Make up the Snow Days?

February 13 update: We have received many questions about how Tahoma is going to make up the recent snow days. The emergency storm declaration by Gov. Inslee has prompted discussion about whether the district can apply for waivers from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and not have to make up some or all of the snow days.

While school districts can apply for waivers, this is only part of the equation. The Basic Education Act also requires a minimum number of instructional hours, which cannot be waived. This means the solution to making up lost days may result in a combination of adding days at the end of the school year and adjusting other days during the year.

Once we are completely through the winter season, and all of the weather impacts are behind us, we will be able to determine the full extent of adjustments needed. We can confirm that next week’s midwinter break will not change.

The School Board will review calendar revisions for action in the near future. We will keep you posted. For now, we will focus on clearing snow from our campuses in preparation for students to return to school. Please stay warm and safe.