Can We Really Trust the Bible?

Can we really trust the Bible?  Dr. Robert Dick Wilson, former professor of Semitic philology at Princeton Theological Seminary, said, “After forty-five years of scholarly research in biblical textual studies and in language study, I have come now to the conviction that no man knows enough to assail the truthfulness of the Old Testament. Where there is sufficient documentary evidence to make an investigation, the statements of the Bible, in the original text, have stood the test.”

And the noted Dr. J. O. Kinnaman said: “Of the hundreds of thousands of artifacts found by the archaeologists, not one has ever been discovered that contradicts or denies one word, phrase, clause, or sentence of the Bible, but always confirms and verifies the facts of the Biblical record.”

Over 100 years ago, William Ramsay, a young English scholar, went to Asia Minor with the expressed purpose of proving that the history given by Luke in his gospel and in the Acts was inaccurate. His professors had confidently said that Luke could not be right.

He began to dig in the ancient ruins of Greece and Asia Minor, testing for ancient terms, boundaries, and other items which would be a dead giveaway if a writer had been inventing this history at a later date as claimed. To his amazement, he found that the New Testament Scriptures were accurate to the tiniest detail. So convincing was the evidence that Ramsay himself became a Christian and a great biblical scholar.

Can the Bible be trusted? Absolutely! Believing this would naturally lead to the logical conclusion that the faith it proclaims is true as well.  Christianity is the only faith that stakes its claims of truthfulness on historical events open to critical investigation.

I would like to think that those who read this article do not believe things without investigating to see if such claims are true. That is blind faith. God doesn’t want you to believe blindly, He wants you to examine the truth. In fact, He invites you to examine the truth claims of Christianity; after all, it is the truth that sets us free – John 8:32.

There are many who have passed down the corridors of time asking the question “Can the Bible be trusted?”  They found that indeed it could.  The Lord invites you to be one of them, will you start reading it today?

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