Potential child luring reported

Tahoma School District

From the Tahoma School District Communications office:

Maple Valley police contacted us this morning to share details of a reported potential child luring that may have occurred on Tuesday afternoon.

A Rock Creek fifth-grade student got off the bus in the Patrick’s Faire neighborhood and was walking to his home when a man in an older model, gray hatchback-style vehicle pulled up slowly next to him, rolled down a heavily tinted window about two inches and asked the boy where he was going. The student replied that he was going home, and the man offered him a ride home.

The boy said he could not fully see the person inside the car, but did not think that he knew the man. He described the driver as an older male wearing a black Oregon State Beavers hat; and noted that he had gray hair that stuck out on the sides of the hat. The student also noticed a dent on the rear fender of the car and a broken or cracked headlight on the vehicle. He described the car as possibly being similar to a Subaru WRX. He ran home and told his father, who reported the incident to police. Deputies are investigating the case.

This is a good time to have a refresher conversation with your student(s) about safety and what to do if a stranger approaches them. Attached are some tips for preventing abduction. Also, Maple Valley Police asked us to remind parents not to hesitate; if you have something to report, call 911 immediately.

If you have information or additional questions, please contact Maple Valley Police at 425-413-5158.