Howsai Sahak serves as page in Washington State Senate

Senator Das with Page Howsai Sahak, April 9th, 2019.

Howsai Sahak, 15, served as a page in the Washington State Senate during the week of April 8.

Pages are sponsored by the senator from their legislative district. Sen. Mona Das (D-Kent) sponsored Sahak’s week at the Legislature. 

“It was wonderful to host Howsai at the Capitol this week,” Das said. “I hope that this was a rich learning experience for her.”

The page program offers a hands-on opportunity for students to find out how state government works. The educational experience is furthered by guest speakers. It also includes classes with topics such as budget writing and how a bill becomes a law — which culminates in pages creating their own bills in a mock committee setting. 

Sahak and her partners worked on a bill about lowering the voting age to 16 or 17 for both primary and general elections. She said that although these teens are affected by various laws, they have no part in electing the people who make these policies. 

“I had a great time working on my bill and seeing how the bill making process works,” Sahak said. “I enjoyed meeting new people and having the chance to work with them on the bill.” 

Pages also have the opportunity to work on the Senate floor. Their maroon coats and credentials allow them access to all parts of the Capitol Campus. 

Sahak is in the 10th grade at Kent-Meridian High School. She is part of Upward Bound and the National Honors Society. In her free time she is a community leader and loves watching YouTube videos. 


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