Foley’s Produce burglary; thief makes off with box truck, produce, food and tools

Sean Foley, owner of Foley’s Produce in Maple Valley, arrived at his stand around 7 a.m. Saturday morning to discover that someone had raided his business, stealing his box truck and breaking into a storage shed to take expensive tools and equipment, in addition to cleaning out the back stock of produce and snack foods.

“They raided our food and snack displays, our beverage container, broke open our cash registers, our storage shed and took our box truck,” says Sarah Foley, Sean’s wife. “They even took our store phone.”

This is not the first time Foley’s has been targeted by criminals. In fact, thieves have broken into the stand at least four other times in the last year alone, most often stealing produce and food overstock that is locked up on the premises, but sometimes going further and making off with their equipment and business supplies.

“We were robbed in December 2018 when they broke into our office building.” Sarah said. “They stole all of our credit card processing equipment, phones, tablets, cords, TV, first aid kit, and cash registers.

“We were hit two more times in the first five days of opening this season. They stole mainly snack foods, things like gummy bears and worms, chocolate pretzels, orange slices and some produce. We were hit a few more times after that and similar items were taken, but this time they took whole displays of product, baked goods, hanging baskets, and even our shopping carts.”

Additionally, the thief stole the box truck that Sean uses to transport produce, plants and other goods to and from his store.

As of this publication, the box truck has been located and a suspect is reportedly in custody. Police have not yet confirmed whether any of the stolen goods were found in the box truck.

The Foleys are beefing up security to their stand, investing in cameras and alarms to ward off further break-ins.

“We have been doing a lot of research on security for the stand to prevent this from happening again,” Sarah said.

Foley’s Produce has been in Maple Valley since 2005, opening each year from April through October to offer fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks, home baked goods, plant starts, herbs and more. Multitudes of customers visit the stand each day, and due to its location off of Maple Valley highway, it is convenient for residents and commuters, and attracts many patrons who live outside Maple Valley as well.