Seattle’s Pride Parade Gets Tied, Dyed for Connection on June 30

Joining 15 others at her home church, Angela Friesen and her family enjoyed a colorful event.
Joining 15 others at her home church, Angela Friesen and her family enjoyed a colorful event.

A focus on uniting as ‘one’ and on connecting with one another – that was a goal met by a group of 15 local enthusiasts. They gathered for a colorful event at the entryway of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church (SVLC) to learn how to tie-dye shirts using vibrant colors. Some of the artists were preparing to be easily identified as a group by wearing their tie-dyed shirts at summer events in Maple Valley. Others will wear the shirts, and other uniquely colored clothing associated with LGBTQ+ friends and family, at Seattle’s upcoming Pride Parade on Sunday, June 30.

At SVLC, Ashley Holloman and Ronda Duluoz taught participants about the tie-dying technique: tightly roll up the fabric and secure the roll-up with rubber bands; select a personal choice of colors from an array of tie-dye paint; use squirt bottles to apply the dye to the fabric. The last step is to insert the painted clothing into a zip-lock plastic bag to dry. You are now a fabric designer.

Donors assisting the community tie-dye event included SVLC, which provided white tee

Ashley Holloman demonstrates how to tie-dye a tee shirt appropriate for wearing to Pride Parade.

shirts; Bud Hut, a business in Maple Valley that donated all plastic bags and rubber bands; and Ashley Holloman and Kelly Duluoz who purchased boxes full of paint and other supplies. SVLC is coordinating carpooling and other transportation to Seattle’s Pride Parade. A sign-up sheet is in their main office on SE 216thStreet; the office phone is 425-432-1373. The sign-up sheet includes contact information for drivers who offer transportation, and those who will ride-share and attend the parade themselves. Those carpooling and transporting will meet in the SVLC parking lot at 10:45 a.m. on June 3. They will head to the Link Light Rail trail which connects Tukwila International Boulevard Light Rail Station to downtown. The parade march takes approximately 2 ½ hours. Returning home from the parade using the same route in reverse, results in arrival back at SVLC “around dinnertime.”

The parade officially begins at 11:00 a.m. in downtown Seattle, but Lutheran parade attendees are typically at the end of the line-up, thus a later start time. These groups are from the synod, Loving Lutherans of Northwest Washington, and are sponsored by Open Door Minitsries, a gay and lesbian organization in Seattle. Their recociling in Christ outreach is described as, “We march in PRIDE because as people with faith we must stand with those who, throughout much of its history, the church has not only marginalized, but demonized and ostracized. We march in hope and joy, making a public statement of God’s love for all people.”