Changes Coming to Pacific Raceways

The premier racing facility in the Northwest is ready to add a new chapter to it’s iconic history. After 15 years of planning through the design process, selecting the right team and the permitting process of the county, construction is underway. The Master Plan calls for 1.2 million square feet of commercial development space. This is to be a multi phase project that when completed will not only enhance what is currently existing, but add so much more. Pacific Raceways won’t be just for racing anymore. On the grounds will be constructed the Pacific Motorsports Park and Pacific Innovation Center (PMP/PIC) which has qualified as one of four ‘Projects of Statewide Significance’ as designated by the Department of Commerce. Beginning in Phase One is the development of the prototype manufacturing space and garages that will range from 1,000 to 40,000 sq.ft. of space available for lease. Contact Milt Reimers at CBRE Seattle for more information. This will begin in late 2019 taking 3 years to complete. The PMP/PIC space will be used for the advanced research of alternative fuels and autonomous vehicles as well as advancing future automotive technologies. What better place to house such work with a test track near by. Breaking down the project looks something like this. Phase One: (Fall 2019) Innovation Center and Motorsports Park.

Phase Two: Innovation Center addition, motorsports club and racing school. Phase Three:  New club drag strip, motorsports club addition and retail center. The team is assembled of top industry architects, engineers, and consultants to bring this project to reality. They include Andy Anderson LLC, a highly respected track designer based in Tucson to direct the architecture and planning phases. ESM Consulting Engineers LLC of Federal Way and Motorsports Consulting Services also from Tucson take on the job of course planning and safety. Miles Resources of Puyallup was chosen to handle the gravel removal and repaving of the road course. The cost of this project estimated up to $200 million depending on the amount of high tech space built. The total project is privately funded.  In addition there will be improvements to the current facility.  All in all this is a very important step not only for Pacific Raceways, but the future of automotive technology.  This is something that will in the end be a benefit to us all.