King County Local Services and Planning

On Monday, July 1, the Area Council held its monthly meeting. Special Guest Speaker was John Taylor, Director of the King County Department of Local Services (DLS). The Area Council also dis- cussed: (1) Draft Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) Public Participation Grant (PPG) Agreement with the WA Department of Ecology (DOE); (2) King County Comprehensive Plan (KCCP) Mid-Point Up- date Public Review Draft (PRD); (3) Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) VISION 2050 Draft Plan; and (4) Citizens’ Survey (see: to participate).

King County DLS

John Taylor, Director of the King County Department of Local Services (DLS), provided an update on several items of local interest and took many questions and comments.

He summarized the new setup used for the Annual Community Services Area (CSA) Meeting held on June 18 at the Hobart Church. He stated Public comments on the just released draft 2020 KCCP Mid-Point Update are due by July 31. He announced DLS Permitting people will be available locally once a week–days/site TBD and that residential permit information will be online by the end of 2019 with all permit information online by 2021.

John also provided some updates on key local issues. No news on the proposed Asphalt Facility permit application north of 196th Ave SE / SR-169 intersection across from the Cedar River. No news on Erickson Logging. No news on Kramer Marijuana Processing Facility on 200th Ave SE. On the proposed Maple Valley Market conversion the Restaurant application was cancelled with nothing new proposed at this time. Studies on the Lansdburg Rd / Kent-Kangley Road intersection in Ravensdale are not only looking at a Roundabout. The Subarea Planning process for the Greater Maple Valley CSA will be conducted in 2022-2023. Responding to concerns regarding Code Enforcement for chronic violators, John indicated DLS Permitting has only five Code Enforcement Officers each with large case loads.

There were many questions and comments regarding the proposed Asphalt Facility and the Cedar Hills Landfill expansion.

Draft MTCA PPG Agreement

The Area Council recently applied for and was selected for a Public Participation Grant through the State Department of Ecology (DOE). Its purpose is to retain professional services and conduct public outreach to provide a better understanding and more meaningful input to the DOE in its Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) Cleanup Projects for the Reserve Silica and Landsburg Mine Sites in Ravensdale, including any Agreed Orders and Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) Reports. Immediate assistance includes review of the Reserve Silica work plan before it is finalized.

The Area Council is deciding how best to administer the Grant, which, if accepted, would run through December 2024, is up to $35,000.

KCCP Mid-Point Update Public Review Draft (PRD)

King County conducts major updates to the KCCP every 8 years—it used to be every 4 years, but was changed 2 years ago. The last major update was 2016. The Area Council has reviewed, prepared detailed comments, and submitted same for every major update to the KCCP since 2004 (see:

With the new 8-year cycle, King County has decided to conduct “Mid-Point” updates every 4 years. 2020 will be the first Mid-Point update to the KCCP. On July 1 a Public Review Draft (PRD) of the 2020 Mid-Point Update was released with a 30-day Public comment period by July 31 (the Area Council has requested an extension which has yet to be approved). It consists of many proposed significant changes to the KCCP and the King County Code and, as such will undergo very close scrutiny by the Area Council.

On February 15 the Area Council led a group of Rural Area Unincorporated Area Councils and Associations (UACs & UAAs) to collectively submit Public comment on the January 2 KCCP 2020 Mid- Point Update Executive Recommended Scoping. The Area Council again is coordinating with other Rural Area UACs on a combined response.

On Tuesday, July 16, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Maple Valley Library there will be a Community Meeting with key King County people at multiple tables who will provide information about the PRD. There also will be a presentation by KCCP Manager, Ivan Miller.

The remainder of the 2020 KCCP Mid-Point update schedule is: September 30 – Executive Recommended Plan to County Council (Public comment will again be sought) and June 30, 2020 – King County Council adoption of 2020 KCCP.

Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) VISION 2050 Draft Plan

The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) is the regional planning organization for the four- county central Puget Sound region of Washington State. PSRC conducts regional transportation, land use and economic development planning, under authority embodied in state and federal laws.

Earlier this year the Area Council again led a team of King County Rural Area UACs & UAAs in conducting an in-depth review of the PSRC’s draft VISION 2050 Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS). Detailed Public Comments were prepared and submitted to the PSRC On April 29 (see:

In July PSRC will conduct an online Open House on its draft VISION 2050 Plan. If applicable, the Area Council will lead a team of King County Rural Area UACs & UAAs in conducting a review and submit comments to PSRC.

Citizens’ Survey

Available online now at: is the Area Council Biennial Citizens’ Survey. If you live in unincorporated King County (i.e., outside of any City limits) withinthe Tahoma School District you are invited to participate.

The survey addresses issues that affect everyone including zoning, development, traffic, environment, economics, water, and sewage. The Area Council welcomes your valuable input, which directly helps to inform on issues of importance. Confidentiality is strictly maintained and only overall responses will be collectively summarized for review and analysis.

Also, as part of the Survey, you also may express an interest in becoming either an Area Council member or, if you only have interests in specific issues, a member on any Area Council Committee.

Upcoming Meetings
KCCP Mid-Point Update Community Meeting: Tuesday, July 16, 6 – 8 PM, at the Maple Valley

Library, (see description above).

Area Council Monthly Meeting: Monday, August 5, 7 – 9:30 PM, at the Maple Valley Fire Station located at the SE corner of SE 231st St & SR-169 intersection across from the Police Precinct. All members of the Public are welcome. Each meeting begins with an open Public Comment period.

Your Area Council serves as an all-volunteer, locally elected advisory body to King County on be- half of all rural unincorporated area residents living in the Tahoma School District. Please see the Area Council’s web site:

The Area Council has four open positions. If you have an interest in joining, please indicate same through our Citizens’ Survey or attend one of our monthly meetings and express such interest for consideration by the Area Council.