AN ENCOURAGING WORD: Too Perfect to be Chance

“If the earth were as small as the moon, the power of gravity would be too weak to retain sufficient atmosphere for man’s needs; but if it were as large as Jupiter, Saturn, or Uranus, extreme gravitation would make human movement almost impossible.

If we were as near to the sun as Venus, the heat would be unbearable; if we were as far away as Mars, we would experience snow and ice every night even in the warmest regions. If the oceans were half their present dimensions, we would receive only one-fourth the rainfall we do now. If they were one-eighth larger, our annual precipitation would increase fourfold, and this earth would become a vast, uninhabitable swamp!

Water solidifies at 32 degrees. It would be disastrous if the oceans were subject to that law, however, for then the amount of thawing in the polar regions would not balance out, and ice would accumulate throughout the centuries! To prevent such a catastrophe, the Lord put salt in the sea to alter its freezing point!”

That’s a lot of “ifs” don’t you agree? It’s amazing to see how intricate our universe is when it comes to its design and yet so many think that it all came into existence by chance. When I look at my watch with all its detailed parts, I never once stop and say, “that’s so amazing that it came together by chance.” That’s because I can tell it was made with a design in mind. My watch is significantly less intricate than this universe, and when I look at it, I do not stop and think that it happened by chance either. It was created by design, God’s design. Psalm 104:24 says, “How many are your works, O LORD! In wisdom you made them all”

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