Maple Valley invites public to provide feedback on two Witte Road projects

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The City of Maple Valley is hosting two open houses to solicit public input on the Witte Road Storm Drainage Improvements Project and phase 2 of the Witte Road SE Improvements Project.

Both open houses will be held on Tuesday, July 16 at the Lake Wilderness Golf Course Grill and Banquet Hall, 25400 Witte Road SE, Maple Valley. Starting at 5 p.m., staff will be available to discuss the Witte Road Storm Drainage Improvements Project.

The City of Maple Valley has been awarded a $75,000 grant for the design of stormwater treatment retrofits, from the Washington State Department of Ecology, to reduce pollutant loading to Jenkins Creek from untreated portions of Witte Road between SE 249th Street and SE 256th St. The City of Maple Valley is currently performing a feasibility study for stormwater treatment retrofits to treat runoff from Witte Road SE and Lake Wilderness Golf Course access road before it reaches Jenkins Creek. The City has prepared potential alternatives for treatment facility locations and is interested in getting feedback from the public.

Questions can be directed to Halley Kimball, Stormwater Managment/NPDES Program Manager, at 425-413-8800 or

At 6 p.m., staff will be discussing phase 2 of the Witte Road SE Improvements Project. Phase 1 of the T-28b project improved and realigned the intersection approach of SE 256th Street and installed a fish passage culvert to reduce upstream flooding issues. T-28b Phase 2 continues the improvement of the Witte Road Corridor from the vicinity of SE 249th Place to SE 256th Street. Improvements include pavement rehabilitation, addition of non-motorized facilities (sidewalk and bike lanes), retaining walls to increase corridor width in key areas, and undergrounding aerial utilities.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Bill Bullock, City Engineer, at 425-413-8800 or