The Lies We Believe

When I was young, there was an old run down house in the middle of our town that we called Fike’s house. I was told that it was haunted because of some unusual things that were said to have happened there. Many of the kids around town were always daring one another to go into the house at night. I don’t believe anyone ever did on account that they were too scared. I came to find out later that the things that were said about the house were all untrue. There never was anything to be scared of, but isn’t that the way life is sometimes? Oh the anxiety I could have saved myself if I would have believed the truth.

All this may sound entertaining or even bring back some of your own childhood memories, but the truth is, we are still prone to be controlled by the lies we believe. This is exactly where the Devil would like to keep us if enabled, and many let him do just that. The Bible tells us that the Devil is a liar and the father of lies.”- John 8:44. When we choose to believe his lies, we allow ourselves to be controlled by them, lies such as: “Nobody loves me,” “Nobody cares about me,” “I can’t overcome this,” or “If the Lord really cared He would…” When we fail to replace such lies with the truth, we choose to believe what is false and live a defeated life. Jesus tells us that it is the truth that sets us free – John 8:32. And what is truth? Jesus said “Thy word is truth” – John 17:17.

The first truth you may need to come to is the need for Jesus Christ as your Savior. That’s where victory begins. Stop believing lies, and start believing the truth!

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