Interior of Store at Bayne

This unused postcard photo shows the interior of the Carbon Coal & Clay Company’s general store in the old town of Bayne. It was located about one mile northeast of Cumberland. Not much remains of Bayne save a few remnants of miner’s homes.

With coal mines on two seams, the Daly and the Carbon, and a growing work force, the Carbon Coal & Clay Co. expanded Bayne’s footprint around 1911 to include a new hotel, school, homes, and a general merchandise store. In 1914, Washington’s preeminent coal geologist, George Watkin Evans prepared a comprehensive report on the town, its mines, and facilities, including this description of the store: “The Company’s store, which is located but a short distance from the hotel, is a large, well-lighted building, 40 x 80 feet, and 14 feet from floor to ceiling.

There is a warehouse attached which is 20 x 40 feet. The store is well supplied at all times, with a first-class grade of goods.” This picture postcard was produced by Perkins Photo Studio of Seattle and was taken sometime between 1910 and 1917. It comes courtesy of JoAnne Matsumura, an Issaquah historian and collector. It was donated to the Black Diamond Historical Society under #1999.16.