23rd Annual Frog Frolic to be held 

23rd Annual Frog Frolic  will be held at SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve,  located at 21656 184th Ave SE Renton, WA 98058 from 1pm-5pm on September 14th, 2019

The Frog Frolic is   SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve’s  annual community festival and longest running tradition !  It is an opportunity for us   to express our   gratitude to our community for their support   wh ile  raising  critical funds to support and s u stain our programs. This community festival  will  feature   a n  exhibition of art  inspired by the wild spaces at the Nature Preserve, a  silent  a uction,  activities  for children and  adults ,  a  performance  by a local band and guided tours of SHADOW’s  10 ,000 – year – old ,  peat   moss bog.  We hope that you can join us!