VOICE of the Valley Published Its Second Issue Of The Newspaper

The second issue of the VOICE of the Valley was published on Sept. 5th, 1969. The Owner-Publisher was William A. Ziegner and Mike Reichert was the Assistant Manager. The paper was printed every other Thursday when it was first published. 

On the front page of the second issue of the VOICE of the Valley 50 years ago was an editorial by William ‘Bill’ Ziegner that let everyone know how happy he was with the way people accepted the VOICE of the Valley. He thanked everyone for their patronage because without it the VOICE of the Valley paper would fold. 

Bill explained that the paper is like a small child that needs food to survive, as the paper needs News Gathering and advertising to survive as well. He also urged all the readers to patronize the VOICE advertisers.

Another story on the front page was about Mr. James Bodwell running for the School Board position 1 again and Mr. George A. Nicolai would be running for Position 5. 

Big News for this issue was Maple Valley having a new doctor. Dr. Michael I Rowen, MD was beginning his practice in Wilderness Village and would be practicing in the office used by Dr. Frans Koning. It also stated that Dr. Koning was moving to Valley General Hosptial to become an emergency room physician. 

Other news in this issue included 23 new teachers in Tahoma School District, Boys Attended summer camps, Mitts family enjoyed their vacation, Lee Reichert won wrestling camp award. 

Also, Mr. and Mrs. TJ Main who lived on the Dorre Don celebrated their 61th wedding anniversary, Perkins wed Parise and Quackenbush wed DeBruyne. Randy Stamper, who was a former Tahoma graduate won a National award.