Apologies for Misunderstanding

City of Maple Valley Community and Editor, the VOICE:

 We understand that a breakdown in our communications may have caused an unintentional uproar and wanted to take a moment to make amends.  A preliminary plan for the property located just south of SE 271st Place and SR 169 was recently published that showed a multi-family residential component. This layout was done before we met with the City and learned of the residential moratorium.  Unfortunately, we failed to communicate this to our client before the plans went public. We just want everyone to understand that this was an honest mistake on our part, and that neither the developer nor the City had any part in proposing something the community was against. We are currently working with the developer on a revised scheme without the residential component that we hope to share shortly.  Again, we sincerely apologize to City Staff and the community for any confusion that this turn of events may have caused.


FREIHEIT Architecture