Ruff Mudder Presented by Chewy 

Ruff Mudder Presented by Chewy

Date: Saturday, September 21st at 10am (with waves through 3pm)

Address: 31603-31615 Lake Sawyer Road SE | Black Diamond, WA


  • In order to participate in Ruff Mudder, you need a copy of your dog’s vaccination papers from your vet. Register as a “Participant” of the Tough Mudder 5K race or Classic race, or purchase the “Spectator & Mudder Village Festival Pass” ($20). After clicking “Purchase Merchandise”, choose Ruff Mudder as a free add-on.

Details: Chewy, the leading online retailer of pet products, supplies and prescriptions in the U.S., is thrilled to partner with Tough Mudder on a series of Ruff Mudder events that celebrate the special relationship between people and pets in a fun, exciting and interactive way. On September 21st, the 10-city Ruff Mudder inaugural event series is coming to the greater Seattle area.

Ruff Mudder is designed to offer dogs all the fun of a Tough Mudder, featuring seven pup-friendly challenges, including:

  • Mini Everest – Strong hind legs are needed to build momentum and speed to get over the top of this slick, four-foot high quarter-pipe.
  • Boa Constrictor – Dogs will scratch and slide through to the other side of this dark and muddy tunnel.
  • Mud Mile (x2) – A classic Tough Mudder fan favorite, this mile of mud is doggy heaven. Pups climb over every mound and wade through every valley to conquer this obstacle.
  • Mini Berlin Walls (x2) – A mud-slicked two-foot tall wall requiring precise paw-eye coordination to cleanly jump over.
  • Mini Mudderhorn – The grand finale of Ruff Mudder has dogs ascending over this thrilling obstacle, reaching victory at the top.