LEGAL NOTICE: Summons Served by Publication Parenting Plan and Relocation

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    Superior Court of Washington, County of King

    In re: #19-3-06020-8KNT


    Maria Aurora Romero Munoz                                              

    And  Respondent 

    Pedro Rios Uriostegui

    Order to allow service by Publication

    1. The court has considered the Petitioner’s Motion to serve by Publication. The motion shows valid reason to serve by publication.

    2. The summons in this case may be served on Pedro Rios Uriostegui by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in this county once a week for six weeks. Proof of publication must be filled with the court. The serving party may use the Summons Served by Publication form (FL All Family 110)

    Ordered 7-16-2019. Presented by: Petitioner or his/her lawyer

    Summons Served by Publication

    Parenting Plan and Relocation

    Approved or change a Parenting Plan or Residential Schedule.

    FL Parentage 332 Reponse to Petition for /Parenting Plan, Residential Schedule and/or Child Support

    File your original Response with the court clerk at this address:

    Maleng Reginal Justice Center

    401 Fourth Avene N., Room 2C, Kent, WA 98032

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